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Measure For Measure

1 - Act One


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Described as a "problem play" Measure for Measure is only as much a problem as life itself is- that is, are there any easy answers to questions aplenty? For example: when "mortality and mercy" live in one person's mouth, can justice be said to exist - as such? And: when you're a young woman on the very verge of dedicating your whole life and being to the service of God and the judge condemning your brother to death for the newly re-invented crime of fornication with a loved one wants your love given him in return for your brother's life - well, what do you do then? There is, fortunately, perhaps, an old, fantastical duke of dark corners who, watching over all these machinations like a power divine, has all the easy answers; but his idea of a final, happy ending may not be, precisely, yours. (Summary by Tony Addison)

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