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Lysistrata (version 2)

1 - Scene 1 - in a public square at Athens


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Lysistrata has had enough. She is tired of the constant war that is ravaging Greece and has come up with a solution: Together with female friends from other Greek cities, she persuades all women of Greece to pledge an oath and refrain from all sexual contact with their husbands and lovers. The idea is that what men really want is sex, and that they are willing to do anything to get it - even abandoning their pride and make peace. And while the Athenian women retreat into the sacred Acropolis, the men gather outside and debate what is to be done...

This famous play by Aristophanes, first staged in 411 BCE, sheds a light on the relation of the sexes in Ancient Greece, and is probably the first instance of a War of the Sexes.

The translator of this version is unknown, but it is rumored to have been Oscar Wilde. (Summary by Availlle).

Cast List:

Lysistrata: Availle
Calonice: leanneyauyau
Myrrhine: lian2902952
Lampito: clarinetcarrot
Stratyllis: LydiaCW
First woman: leanneyauyau
Second woman: DaMa
Third woman: Kitty
Fourth woman: sawasawaya
A woman & Old Woman: catharmaiden
Chorus of Women: bluechien
Slave: StarFire
Child: LydiaCW
Magistrate: RobBoard
Cinesias: ZamesCurran
Old Man: alanmapstone
Chorus of Old Men: unreadpages
Herald: Fiindil
Laconian: VfkaBT
Chorus of Laconians: alanmapstone
Athenian: NemoR
Chorus of Athenians: WiltedScribe
Market lounger: Mratthew
Narrator: MrsHand

Audio editing: Availle

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