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Story of the Armada

1 - Act I


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It's the summer of 1588, and all is not well in England. Citizens are plotting to betray their queen for Spanish gold, and the dreaded Armada is coming closer and closer. It's up to Lord Burleigh and brave Sir Francis Drake to stop them, but will they succeed in convincing Queen Elizabeth that such action is necessary? And when the Spanish ships finally arrive, what will happen to the queen and the citizens of London? (Summary by SweetPea)

Cast List:
William Cecil, Lord Burleigh: Tomas Peter
Sir Walter Raleigh: Todd
Sir Francis Drake: K. Adrian Stroet
Master Jock Burwood: James Koss
Will of Babbicombe/Third Conspirator: Joseph Tabler
Don Pedro de Valdez/Dickon: Alan Mapstone
First Conspirator: Leanne Yau
Second Conspirator: Gaby
Ap Thomas: Charlotte Duckett
Queen Elizabeth: Beth Thomas
Lady Mary Howard: Lydia
Mistress Nan Hanway: Rachel
Mistress Alice Bridgewater: Adele de Pignerolles
Stage Directions: Esther ben Simonides

Audio edited by Rachel

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