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Midsummer Night's Dream (version 4)

1 - Act One


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Even people who claim to hate Shakespearean comedy have to admit that they love A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The original play is already naturally divided into three realms: the mortal world, the faerie realm and the play within the play, thus it presents the perfect opportunity to double and triple cast the same actors. So it was really only a matter of time till somebody came up with the crazy idea to stage the whole thing with only three people.

Those crazy people are Tony Addison, John Burlinson and Sonia. The outcome of their collaboration is a 3 hour tour-de-force full of surprises: special effects, music, songs. True to the Shakespearean spirit, cross-gender casting was a must, so don't be alarmed when Titania (who will shatter all your preconceptions of the term "fairy queen" forever) enters the stage. Now you're forewarned, and if you still think you're ready, settle back in your armchair and let a bit of faerie into your world. We hope you enjoy the ride. (Summary by Tony Addison, John Burlinson and Sonia)

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