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Master Mind of Mars

1 - A Letter


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Across the the vast reaches of space went he: another man of Earth (Ulysses Paxton) finds himself transported to Mars ("Barsoom"), following in the footsteps of the legendary John Carter. Originally imprisoned by a mad scientist on Mars who unlocked the secret of eternal life by transferring one's brain into a new body...thereby living forever: Ulysses embarks on an adventure to return an enslaved woman's mind back to her own body - a body taken by a tyrannical Empress of one of the greater cities of Barsoom! Gathering together the most unlikely group of allies: a native Great White Ape of Barsoom who has half of a brain of a man, then a soldier whose own body was sold for replacement for longevity to a prince of the Empress, and a lastly a notable assassin: the desperate cadre fight madly to restore everyone's lives to what they once were. To where will this adventure take them on this savage, and far-away planet? Join Edgar Rice Burroughs as he takes us once more to Mars for an adventure unlike any you have experienced before! (Summary by Joe DeNoia)
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