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Polaris of the Snows

1 - [Polaris—Of the Snows]


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“In the antarctic wilds ... Polaris Janess ... was born, of a mother he never knew, and grew to manhood's years knowing one human face only, that of his father. When that father died, the young man set his face to the north, to find the world of men ... Journeying through the silent wastes with his dog team \[he\] found Rose Emer, an American heiress, who had strayed from an exploring party, and who waited death in the icy wilderness … Polaris and the girl came upon the kingdom of Sardanes - a valley girded by volcanic hills which warmed it, and peopled by a lost fragment, some two thousand strong, of the ancient Greeks … The adventures of the man of the snows and the American maid in Sardanes; how they escaped thence; how their love bloomed amid the eternal snows; and how they won at last to America … all these things have been related.” - Summary by Charles B. Stilson
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