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Colin: A Novel

1 - Book I. Chapter I


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"Colin" tells the story of the Stanier family who come from Stanier, near Rye, in the county of Sussex. The first section recounts their history from around 1600 when the first Colin Stanier made a Faustian pact with the devil in order to win success in life - don't miss the cameo of Queen Elizabeth I, who was captivated and seduced by Colin - and then jumps to 1900 when his namesake, another Colin Stanier who bears a striking resemblance to the former, tries to lie and sin his way to snatching the family inheritance away from his older twin brother, Raymond.
Here is a contemporary review at the time of publishing:
"A reasonable explanation for many young men of the present day is here provided: Their ancestors sold their souls to the devil and the paper, discounted three centuries ago, has just come due." ~The Bookman's Guide to Fiction, 11/1923
- Summary by Jake Malizia

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