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"This story is, first, for young women to read; second, for young men to read; after that, for anybody who wants to. Anyone who doubts its facts and figures is referred to "Social Diseases and Marriage," by Dr. Prince Morrow, or to "Hygiene and Morality," by Miss Lavinia Dock, a trained nurse of long experience.

Some will hold that the painful facts disclosed are unfit for young girls to know. Young girls are precisely the ones who must know them, in order that they may protect themselves and their children to come. The time to know of danger is before it is too late to avoid it." From the Preface to The Crux.

A novel about the potential dangers of syphilis to one over-sheltered but rebellious young woman in 19th century America and the circle of friends who counsel her against making a disastrous marriage. - Summary by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Winnifred Assmann

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