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Rose Cottingham

1 - Chapter 1. A Birthday Spent in Disgrace


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Rose Cottingham, orphaned at an early age, is being raised in the repressive household of her grandmother, who has old-fashioned ideas about women. She finds a kindred spirit in her neighbor, Mrs. Winter, but when Mrs. Winter becomes ill, Rose is no longer able to spend much time with her.

Rose’s world broadens when she is sent off to school. The free-spirited girl and Miss Quayle, the strict disciplinarian who runs the school, are frequently in conflict. However, unbeknownst to Rose’s grandmother, Miss Quayle has modern views on the education of girls, from which Rose benefits. At school, Rose makes friends with Helen Fergurson, a professor's daughter who introduces Rose to new ideas and further expands her horizons.

When Rose’s school days end, she finds herself back in the stifling environment of her grandmother’s house, longing for better opportunities and more stimulating company. Can she find a path to fulfillment? (Summary by Scarbo)

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