Sách nói: Aladdin, Or, The Wonderful Lamp (A Dramatic Poem, in Two Parts)

Aladdin, Or, The Wonderful Lamp (A Dramatic Poem, in Two Parts) cover

Aladdin, Or, The Wonderful Lamp (A Dramatic Poem, in Two Parts)

1 - Preface, Dedication, and Cast List


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This retelling of Aladdin in dramatic verse begins in the humble home of a tailor, whose son spends his days in idleness and brings his parents nothing but grief. Soon, however, this son is brought to a magical grotto, where he finds a great treasure which will bring him his fortune. This story will have some twists and turns that are almost certain to be different from the story you know. - Summary by Devorah Allen

Tomas Peter: Aladdin
Jenn Broda: Gulnare, the Princess
Michele Eaton: Nurse to Gulnare
Availle: Morgiana, Aladdin's Mother
Algy Pug: Soliman, the Sultan
Tommy Hersant: Vizir to Soliman
Adrian Stephens: Saladin, betrothed to Gulnare
ToddHW: The Enchanter, Noureddin
VocalPenguin: Hindbad, Noureddin's brother
Sonia: Spirit of the Lamp
Phil Schempf: Spirit of the Ring
Donzo: Selim
Tindra: Slave
Gerald Moe: Jester
HelenaDiamandiz: Court Jew
Diane Castillo: Old Man
czandra: Second Courtier
Chuck Williamson: Servant of the Court
Anya: Captain of the Body Guard
Eleonora Bettenzoli: Spider
Kristine Wales: Voice of the Trees
Linda Olsen Fitak: First Fairy
Twinkle: Peasant; Second Fairy
ambsweet13: Zephyr; Second Elf
FreckleFriday: Bedreddin; Lympha, a Fairy
Thoria: Master Mason; First Courtier; Deathwatch
Pier: First Lord of the Treasury; Strength, a Giant
Michael L. Hooper: Second Lord of the Treasury
Tchaikovsky: Architect; Apothecary; Owner of the House
Lydia: Zulima, Soliman's Wife; Peribanou, Queen of the Fairies; Fatima
Doug Fajardo: Sindbad; Grocer; Sentinel; Laborer; Headsman
David Purdy: Ali; Casem; Goldsmith; Sculptor; First Elf; Good Spirits
Devorah Allen: Nightingale; Melpomene; Female Bird; Beauty, a Fairy
Alan Mapstone: Mustapha, Aladdin's Father; An Old Jew; Ali Baba, an Astrologer; Coppersmith; Headsman's Assistant; Minstrel; Male Bird; The Water Spirit; Wicked Spirits
Wayne Cooke: Narrator

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