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Wives on Strike

1 - Act 1


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The "Wives' Welfare Club" is meeting together so they may air grievances about their husbands and the inequality that women experience.  During this meeting the wives decide to "go on Strike" and nominate Jane Spink to be the test case.  Betty, who is a newlywed of only 30 days, boasts of her husband's perfect qualities and is amused at the other wives' complaints.  However, as she returns home she realizes she just might end up on strike as well! - Summary by Jenn Broda

Cast List:
Betty Albright, a bride: Adrienne Prevost
Thornton Albright, her husband, an architect: Andrew Kennedy
Reynold Windburn, Betty's admirer: Anthony Joseph
Lily de Longpre, a vampire: Jenn Broda
Clara Collins, Betty's friend: Michele Eaton
Jane Spink, Betty's aunt: WendyKatzHiller
Bob Spink, Betty's uncle: Alan Mapstone
Patricia Duggan, President of Wives' Welfare Club: Anna Maria
Tom Duggan, her husband, a business man: Mason Lewis
Ura Lamb, Treasurer of Wives' Welfare Club: TJ Burns
Jim Lamb, her husband, a professor of philosophy: Larry Wilson
Shesha Nut, member of Wives' Welfare Club: Devorah Allen
Polly, a parrot: ToddHW
Stage Directions: TR Love

Edited by Jenn Broda

Bạn đang nghe Wives on Strike by Lillian Sutton Pelée.
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