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Published in 1605 with the title: "The London Prodigall. As it was plaide by the Kings Maiesties servants. By William Shakespeare, London." And included in the 3rd and 4th Shakespeare folios. But Tucker Brooke, author of The Shakespeare Apocrypha (available separately here at Librivox) says "any theory which supports the play's authenticity may safely be branded as utterly untenable.... Shakespeare's catholicity and psychological insight are conspicuously absent, and every principle of his dramatic morality is outraged in the treatment of the Prodigal's career." - Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
M. Flowerdale (Senior), a Merchant trading at Venice: HelloCentral
Matthew Flowerdale, his Prodigal Son: Greg Giordano
M. Flowerdale (Junior), Brother to the Merchant: ToddHW
Sir Lancelot Spurcock, of Lewsome in Kent: Ron Altman
Frances, Daughter to Sir Lancelot Spurcock: Therese Lindholm
Lucy, Daughter to Sir Lancelot Spurcock: Anna Maria
Delia, Daughter to Sir Lancelot Spurcock: Sonia
Daffodil, Servant to Sir Lancelot Spurcock: Jenn Broda
Artichoke, Servant to Sir Lancelot Spurcock, Acts 1 and 2: Bethany Baldwin
Artichoke, Servant to Sir Lancelot Spurcock, Acts 4 and 5: VocalPenguin
Sir Arthur Greenshood, a Commander, in love with Lucy: inarvi
Oliver, a Devonshire Clothier, in love with Lucy: Mike Manolakes
Weathercock, a Parasite to Sir Lancelot Spurcock: Alan Mapstone
Tom Civet, in love with Frances: Tomas Peter
Ralph, a cheating Gamester: Clarence
Ruffian, a Pander to Mistress Apricot, a Bawd: Tomas Peter
A Citizen: MoonLylith
Citizen's Wife: Yuqing
Drawer: MoonLylith
Soldier: Tomas Peter
Stage Directions: James R. Hedrick
Editing: ToddHW

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