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Brewster's Millions

1 - ACT 1


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Monty Brewster has just inherited a million dollars from the grandfather he has never met. The newly acquired wealth staggers young Monty Brewster, and he is about to launch into his new life when an attorney in the west advises him that his uncle, George Brewster, has left him seven million dollars, contingent upon his getting rid of the million dollars left him by his grandfather. "He mistreated your mother and father and I do not want you to touch a dollar of his money. If you spend the million left to you by him and can, at the end of a year, show by receipts that you have judiciously spent, not squandered this million dollars, my attorneys will turn over to you my worldly possessions, aggregating seven millions. You must own nothing of value at the end of the year.”

Can Monty spend a million while getting value for money, and still be left with only the shirt on his back by year’s end?

It’s harder than it looks… - Summary by Son of the Exiles

Cast list:
Archibald Vanderpool: Alan Mapstone
Joseph MacCloud: Greg Giordano
Frank Bragdon: Adrian Stephens
Nopper Harrison: Andrew Kennedy
Mrs Dan De Mille: WendyKatzHiller
Horace Pettingill: David Purdy
Subway Smith: elibishop
Rawles: HelloCentral
Barbara Drew: Michelle Hannah
Colonel Drew: Chad Jackson
Janice Armstrong: Lynette Caulkins
Margaret Gray - Peggy: Jenn Broda
Montgomery Brewster - Monty - Act 1: Matthew Reece
Montgomery Brewster - Monty - Acts 2, 3 and 4: Krista Zaleski
Mr Grant: ToddHW
Trixie Clayton: TJ Burns
First Office Boy: ToddHW
Second and Third Office Boy: TriciaG
Monsieur Bargee: TriciaG
Miss Boynton: Michele Eaton
First Officer: ToddHW
Captain Perry: Zach Hoyt
Steward: David Purdy
Quartermaster: Garrett Goodison
Sailor: Brant Burgiss
Bertram: stepheather
Stage Directions: TR Love
Editing: ToddHW

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