Sách nói: Stichus; or, The Parasite Rebuffed

Stichus; or, The Parasite Rebuffed cover

Stichus; or, The Parasite Rebuffed

1 - Act 1


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"Antipho, a wealthy and jovial old gentleman of Athens, has two daughters, Pilumena and Pamphila. They are married to two brothers, Epignomus and Pamphilus, who, having run through their property in the company of idlers and Parasites, have, with the view of retrieving their fortunes, taken to merchandize [overseas trade]." The brothers have, in fact, been gone so long trying to regain their riches that Antipho is getting ready to marry off the daughters again. Will the brothers arrive back in time to save their marriages and get rid of their Parasites? - Summary by The Play and ToddHW

Cast list:
Antipho, an old gentleman of Athens: ToddHW
Epignomus, brother of Pamphilus: Jim Locke
Pamphilus, brother of Epignomus: Alan Mapstone
Gelasimus, a Parasite: Greg Giordano
Stichus, the servant of Epignomus: Alan Mapstone
Sagarinus, the servant of Pamphilus: Julie Burks
Pinacium, a boy: Ethan Hurst
Philumena, the wife of Epignomus: Jenn Broda
Pamphila, the wife of Pamphilus and sister of Philumena: Nissy
Crocotium, a female servant of Philumena: Sonia
Stephanium, a female kitchen servant of Pamphila: WendyKatzHiller
Stage Directions: Larry Wilson
Editing: ToddHW

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