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Selections from Josephus

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Jewish historian, military leader and Roman citizen, Titus Flavius Josephus, provides the most thorough history of the 1st century Roman Empire deals with the Jewish people. Born in Jerusalem during the reign of Caligula; present with the Roman Army of Vespasian and Titus at the siege of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple, Josephus stands preeminent among early Christian period writers.

"I have selected the passages most relevant to Christian origins and New Testament study," writes Henry St. James Thackery of King's College, UK, leading biblical scholar on Josephus and Koine Greek translator.

"Some figures which in the New Testament are little more than names, become clothed with life" by Josephus as he "gives us the background of Jewish and world history in the time of our Lord and the infant church. ... And we have full and life-like portraits of Roman governors and generals."

More than 400 footnotes and extensive appendix notes have been woven through the audio recording that the listener might experience Thackery's insights and teaching, as if in his class at King's. Many of the names and places are read with Erasmian Koine Greek pronunciation. (Summary by Rebecca Eden Walker)

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