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1 - PART I. Chapter I. The Wanderer


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Invited on a skiing trip with her wealthy neighbours, the de Vignes, Dinah delights at her first, and possibly only, taste of freedom from her difficult home life. Whilst enjoying the alps, she meets a trio of siblings: the rakish Eustace, self-effacing Scott and frail Isabel. Isabel and Dinah soon become close friends and the brothers both develop a keen interest in the youthful and spirted young woman who has so eased the heart of their grief-stricken sister. Which brother will win Dinah's heart and will she be able to return to England in happiness? - Summary by Helena Dunstone

NOTE: There are issues of race in the telling of Greatheart, particularly anti-Black stereotypes and derogatory language. It is LibriVox's policy to record texts as written.

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