Sách nói: Lucian's Dialogues Volume 3: The Dialogues of the Dead

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Lucian's Dialogues Volume 3: The Dialogues of the Dead

1 - Dialogue I. Diogenes commissions Polydeukes, about to return to the upper world, to inform Menippus of the actual condition of things in the land of shades, and to deliver admonitory messages to various sorts of men-the rich, the powerful, the proud; and, finally, to the poor, whom, when they complain of their lot on Earth, he is to console by representing the complete equality which prevails in the regions of the dead.


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Dialogues of the Dead are 30 miniature dialogues mocking the Homeric conception of the Greek gods, originally written in Attic Greek by Syrian author Lucian of Samosata. Almost 1900 years old, these dialogues still retain a lot of their original humor and wit. - Summary by Foon
The cast list for dialogues with 3 or more readers is given below:

Dialogue 2:
Kroesus: Lynette Caulkins
Pluto: Alan Mapstone
Midas: David Purdy
Sardanapalus: TriciaG
Menippus: Adrian Stephens

Dialogue 3:
Menippus: Adrian Stephens
Amphilochus: Alan Mapstone
Trophonius: Jake Malizia

Dialogue 10:
Charon: Algy Pug
Hermes: ToddHW
Dead Man: David Purdy
Menippus: Adrian Stephens
Charmolaus: TriciaG
Lampichus: Lynette Caulkins
Damasias: Larry Wilson
Kraton: Anna Maria
General: Alex Steele
Philosopher: Alan Mapstone
Orator: Availle

Dialogue 12:
Alexander: Mike Manolakes
Hannibal: Jake Malizia
Minos: Larry Wilson
Scipio: David Purdy

Dialogue 19:
Aeakus: ToddHW
Protesilaus: Alex Steele
Menelaus: Alan Mapstone
Paris: Tchaikovsky
Dialogue 20:

Menippus: Adrian Stephens
Aeakus: ToddHW
Pythagoras: David Purdy
Empedokles: Alan Mapstone
Sokrates: Tchaikovsky

Dialogue 22:
Charon: Algy Pug
Menippus: Adrian Stephens
Hermes: ToddHW

Dialogue 23:
Protesilaus: Alex Steele
Pluto: Alan Mapstone
Persephone: Nichalia Schwartz

Dialogue 25:
Nireus: Alan Mapstone
Thersites: David Purdy
Menippus: Adrian Stephens

Dialogue 27:
Diogenes: ToddHW
Antisthenes: Anna Maria
Krates: Alan Mapstone
Poor Man: David Purdy

Audio edited by Availle and Linette Geisel

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