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O Pioneers!

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Published in 1913, O Pioneers! is the first novel in Cather’s Great Plains trilogy and follows the life of its young heroine, Alexandra Bergson, as she fulfills her father’s dying wish to take care of his farm, while also ensuring her brothers are well looked after. Entrusted with a great responsibility, Alexandra is determined to fulfill her father’s wish, as she goes on to prove her skills as a thriving farmer even though the task comes with a hefty price on her happiness. In addition, the novel concentrates on the conflict between universal and individual desires, while also exploring themes including thwarted love, passion, responsibility, individuality, life on the prairie, and the struggles faced by pioneers.

Set in the late 19th century in the fictional town of Hanover, Nebraska, the novel dedicates much of its attention to the details surrounding the lives of the Bergson family, as they strive to carve out their own piece of haven in America. Unfortunately, John Bergson’s dreams are cut short when he finds himself on his deathbed, choosing to entrust his farm and its preservation to his daughter, Alexandra. Considered to be more resolute and emotionally stronger than her three brothers, Alexandra quickly confirms her father’s beliefs as she brings astute decisions concerning the prosperity of their family and land. Subsequently, the story shifts to sixteen years in the future, with all the Bergson siblings grown up and leading separate lives. Sacrificing her personal happiness in the process, Alexandra devotes much of her time to securing the prosperity of the farm and ensuring the well-being of those around her. Left to bear the weight of her family’s actions, Alexandra is faced with quite the dilemma, having to choose whether to continue her life of sacrifice and loneliness, or finally choose the life that has been denied to her due to inherited responsibilities.

Featuring a compelling set of characters, Cather clearly highlights each of their strengths and faults, while also interweaving their contrasting characteristics into an enthralling plot that is realized through Cather’s brilliant combination of evocative description and imagery. Moreover, Cather presents a unique and realistic portrayal of pioneer life, while at the same time capturing the essence of nineteenth-century America, which in turn adds historical value to the piece.

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