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Intimate Strangers

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"Beginning with the girl of yesterday and a lawyer of uncertain age, stranded in a railway station, half starved and uncertain of the future, because a hurricane wrecked railway hopes on both the main and branch line, it carries the audience to the home of the girl, where, with delicious comedy, the blasé lawyer is tortured into submission, after he has dared doubt the age of the girl whose hand he kissed the night before. Having expressed a sharp opinion of "brazen young huzzies in breeches," he is subjected to the siege of a young woman "in breeches", who longs for an adventure with an elderly man." - Summary by Summary Advertisement 1922 Cast list: THE STATION-MASTER: [Alan Mapstone]( WILLIAM AMES: [ToddHW]( ISABEL STUART: [Matea Bracic]( FLORENCE: [Jenn Broda]( JOHNNIE WHITE: [Adrian Stephens]( HENRY: [Wayne Cooke]( AUNT ELLEN: [Availle]( MATTIE: [Sonia]( STAGE DIRECTIONS: [Michele Eaton]( EDITING: [ToddHW](
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