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Daniel Dowlas a chandler from Gosport, transmogrified into a baron, naturally enough demands, in what consists the mighty difference between drinking his tea out of a cup, or a saucer. He has the good sense to feel his insufficiency; and, aspiring to shine as an orator, engages a professor to teach him culture. Opposed to my lord, stands my lady, Dowlas; wife, a full-blown hollyhock of the aristocracy of Mammon. She affects to amend her spouse's cakelology, admits that an oath may now and then be suffered to garnish polite discourse, but then, it must be pronounced with an air to one's equals, and with a kind of careless condescension to menials. Pangloss is a peripatetic farce — an LL.D. and A.S.S. of Aberdeen. Alternating between spouting Latin and Greek, and maximising his income, he attempts to make a silk-purse out of the sows ear that is Daniel Dowlas, the new Baron Duberly. - Summary by The Plays Remarks Cast list: Daniel Dowlas (alias Baron Duberly): [Son of the Exiles]( Dick Dowlas: [John Payton]( Doctor Pangloss: [ToddHW]( Henry Morland: [Greg Giordano]( Stedfast: [Larry Wilson]( Zekiel Homespun: [Alan Mapstone]( Kenrick: [Adrian Stephens]( John: [James R. Hedrick]( Waiter (at the Hotel): [David Purdy]( Waiter (at the Blue Boar): [Lynette Caulkins]( Deborah Dowlas (alias Lady Duberly): [Matea Bracic]( Caroline Dormer: [Linda Webster]( Cicely Homespun: [Annie Mars]( Stage Directions: [MichaelMaggs]( Editing: [Michele Eaton](
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