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Though with some of Plautus's usual comic elements (including people in disguise, clever servant, etc), this is a rare serious play by him looking at slavery and prisoners of war among the various Greek states. From the Prologue: "Really, it will be worth your while to give your attention to this play.... Don't you be afraid because I've said that there's war between the Aetolians and the Eleans. There (pointing), at a distance, beyond the scenes, the battles will be fought. For this were almost impossible for a Comic establishment, that we should at a moment attempt to be acting tragedy." - Summary by ToddHW Cast list: Hegio, an Aetolian, father of Philopolemus: [Beeswaxcandle]( Philocrates, an Elean, captive in Aetolia: [Alan Mapstone]( Tyndarus, his servant: [Larry Wilson]( Aristophontes, an Elean, captive in Aetolia: [Adrian Stephens]( Philopolemus, an Aetolian, captive in Elis: [Inkell]( Ergasilus, a Parasite: [Greg Giordano]( Stalagmus, the servant of Hegio: [Adrian Stephens]( A Slave of Hegio: [Sonia]( A Lad, the same: [David Purdy]( Stage Directions and Editing: [ToddHW](
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