Audiolibro: Which is the Man?

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Which is the Man?

1 - Act 1


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"Oh! Lord Sparkle! - Who can resist the gay, the elegant, the all-conquering Lord Sparkle? The most distinguished feather in the plume of fashion - without that barbarous strength of mind which gives importance to virtues or to vices. Fashionable, because he's well drest: - Brilliant, because he's of the first Clubs, and uses his borrowed wit like his borrowed gold, as tho' it was his own." A delightful comedy by a quite successful woman playwright. - Summary by ToddHW Cast list: Lord Sparkle: [ToddHW]( Fitzherbert: [JoeBer]( Beauchamp: [Greg Giordano]( Belville: [Miller4815]( Pendragon: [Alan Mapstone]( Lady Bell Bloomer: [Sonia]( Julia: [Matea Bracic]( Sophy Pendragon: [Anna Maria]( Clarinda: [Jenn Broda]( Kitty: [Krista Zaleski]( Tiffany: [Butterflier38]( Mrs. Johnson: [Nissy]( 1st Gentleman: [redrun]( 2nd Gentleman: [David Purdy]( Lady: [Sandra Schmit]( 2nd Lady: [Marie Christian]( Maid: [Marie Christian]( Servant: [Beeswaxcandle]( Stage Directions: [Adrian Stephens](
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