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Seven Keys to Baldpate (Play)

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Betting that he can write 10,000 words in 24 hours, a novelist locks himself into a snowbound summer resort on Baldpate Mountain with what he believes is the one and only key to Baldpate Inn. Yet his work is interrupted by a number of colorful characters who have arrived for various shady enterprises, each thinking they had the only key to the inn. Soon it is clear there must be seven keys to Baldpate. The mystery deepens as the novelist finds himself entangled in an improbable series of schemes and plans. George M. Cohan, the famous American vaudevillian and songwriter, was also a successful playwright, and he adapted this work for the stage from the novel by Earl Derr Biggers. - Summary by Mike Manolakes

Elijah Quimby, the caretaker of Baldpate Inn: Zach Hoyt
Mrs. Quimby, the caretaker's wife: Joanna Michel Hoyt
William Hallowell Magee, the novelist: Andrew Gaunce
Mary Norton, the newspaper reporter: Devorah Allen
Mrs. Rhodes, the charming widow: thestorygirl
Peters, the Hermit of Baldpate: Alan Mapstone
John Bland, the millionaire's right hand man: Son of the Exiles
Myra Thornhill, the blackmailer: Jenn Broda
Lou Max, the Mayor's man "Friday": TJ Burns
Jim Cargan, the crooked mayor of Reuton: Larry Wilson
Thomas Hayden, the president of the R&E Suburban R.R.: Tomas Peter
Jiggs Kennedy, Chief of Police of Asquewan Falls: Christopher Foeckler
Cop: David Purdy
The Owner of Baldpate: Mike Manolakes
Stage Directions: Kelly S. Taylor

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