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This fast-paced Victorian farce is at heart a comedy of manners. Dion Bouciault’s witty dialogue ridicules the pretensions of society as the plot sets up the unpleasant initial situation of the aging, vain Sir Harcourt Courtly being set by a special provision of her father’s will to marry 18-year-old Grace Harkaway. The situation quickly escalates upon their arrival at Oak Hall to seal the engagement as more increasingly zany minor characters are added and romantic complications ensue. Double courtship and comic deception abound in this high-spirited comedy. (Summary by Kelly S. Taylor)

Cast List

Sir Harcourt Courtly Andrew James
Charles Courtly Cavaet
Dazzle Adrian Stephens
Max Harkaway ToddHW
Grace Harkaway Elise Dee
Lady Gay Spanker Kelly S. Taylor
Mr. Adolphus "Dolly" Spanker Alan Mapstone
Mark Meddle Andrew Gaunce
Pert Colleen McMahon
Cool Tomas Peter
James Tchaikovsky
Martin Wayne Cooke
Solomon Isaacs Larry Wilson
Stage Directions Mike Manolakes

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