Audiobook: Two Pastorals: an Heroic and a Comic

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Two Pastorals: an Heroic and a Comic

1 - Heroic Pastoral: Melicerte, Act 1


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Moliere, on the way to the Ballet of the Muses, a court festival, started to write a new Heroic Pastoral. "He chose for his subject a similar one to the history of Florizel and Perdita in Shakespeare's Winter's Tale…. The charm of his writing, the exquisite delicacy of the sentiment, and the freshness of the pastoral scenes, cause us to regret that Moliere wrote only the first two acts of this play and never finished it." Though it was performed this way in Dec 1666 - so maybe there is enough here to enjoy.

The Pastoral Comedy which follows it was performed as part of the Ballet of the Muses in Jan 1667 - "most likely replaced the unfinished Melicerte". We only have a script for a number of the scenes; Moliere supposedly destroyed the rest. - Summary by Translator and ToddHW

Cast list:
Melicerte, an Heroic Pastoral
Myrtil, in love with Melicerte: Adrian Stephens
Acanthe, in love with Daphne: Dale Burgess
Tyrene, in love with Eroxene: David Purdy
Lycarsis, herdsman, supposed father to Myrtil: ToddHW
Nicandre, shepherd: Alan Mapstone
Mopse, shepherd, supposed uncle to Melicerte: Andrew Gaunce
Melicerte, shepherdess: Availle
Daphne, shepherdess: Kathi M. Walsheck
Eroxene, shepherdess: Sonia
Corinne, confidante of Melicerte: WendyKatzHiller
Stage Directions: Kelly S. Taylor

A Comic Pastoral
Lycas, a rich shepherd in love with Iris: Adrian Stephens
Philene, a rich shepherd in love with Iris: Dale Burgess
Shepherd: David Purdy
Magician: Sonia
Three Magicians: Devorah Allen
Gypsy: Alan Mapstone
Stage Directions: ToddHW

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