Audiobook: Wonder! A Woman Keeps a Secret

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Wonder! A Woman Keeps a Secret

1 - Act 1


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Donna Isabella does not want to marry Don Guzman, her father's choice. Donna Violante's father wants her to become a nun. Isabella is attacked on the street and carried insensible into Violante's house. What will happen next? Confidential letters, secret identities, conniving servants, disguises and other fallderoll await! Supposedly Jane Austen put on a family performance of this play. (This is a "reduced and rearranged" version from 1893 edited by Augustine Daly from the original 1714 play by Susannah Centlivre.) - Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
Don Felix: Greg Giordano
Colonel Briton: skypigeon
Frederic: Adrian Stephens
Don Pedro: peterbrashvoice
Don Lopez: Algy Pug
Gibby: Alan Mapstone
Lissardo: ToddHW
Vasquez: David Purdy
Donna Violante: TJ Burns
Donna Isabella: Jenn Broda
Flora: Sonia
Inis: Availle
Stage Directions: Wayne Cooke
Editing: ToddHW

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