Audiobook: 唐诗三百首 卷一 Three Hundred Tang Poems, Volume 1

唐诗三百首 卷一  Three Hundred Tang Poems, Volume 1 cover

唐诗三百首 卷一 Three Hundred Tang Poems, Volume 1

1 - 001 - 感遇其 (Thoughts I) (Mandarin) by Zhang Jiuling 張九齡


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The Tang Dynasty (618 to 907) was a golden age of Chinese culture: religion and philosophy, painting and calligraphy, sculpture, architecture and music all reached peaks of perfection. Poetry was the epitome of the arts: a scholastic requirement, a route to fame, a moulder of character. Nearly 50,000 poems of the Tang have survived. The collection 'Three Hundred Tang Poems' was compiled around 1763. It comprises six volumes, with poems grouped by verse form. Volume 1 covers the 'ancient verse' style in five-character lines (poems 1 to 35), and 'folk song style verse' (36 to 45). The masters Li Bai, Du Fu and Wang Wei are well represented here.

Recordings in this volume are in Cantonese, Hokkien, Mandarin and Taiwanese, as indicated in the titles; some are spoken, others are sung. (Summary by David Barnes)

Files containing the text in both Chinese and English for the individual poems in this collection can be downloaded by poem number in pdf format from LibriVox’s Three Hundred Tang Poems, Volume 1 Internet Archive page

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