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1 - Act 1 - A Chapter of Philanthropy


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A man's wife is caught up in Philanthropy, generously supporting all sorts of good causes. But that does not include her husband's interests in "the Turf or the Stable - no feeling except one of positive distaste." So what is he to do? How about somehow getting her to "endow a Home for about twenty decayed jockeys and stablemen ... who have outlived their chances on the turf and fallen on bad days?" Sounds very noble, but of course that is not quite what he has in mind.... (By the way, there is an Introductory Note that explains the play's reception. It has spoilers so I put it at the end of the Act 3 file.) - Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
Mr Spenser Jermyn: Son of the Exiles
Mrs Spenser Jermyn: Sonia
Mr Pinching: Adrian Stephens
Miss Moxon: Devorah Allen
Reverend Noel Brice: ToddHW
Bertha: Jenn Broda
Tom Clark: Tomas Peter
Mrs Porcher: Lydia
Mr Shattock: KHand
Mr Pews: Alan Mapstone
Mr Lyman: Adam Bielka
Mr Moulter: BandanaMan99
Mrs Landon: ambsweet13
Tiny Landon: BandanaMan99
Hewett: schrm
Stage Directions: MichaelMaggs
Editing: ToddHW

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