Audiobook: Don Juan, or The Feast with the Statue

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Don Juan, or The Feast with the Statue

1 - Act 1


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Don Juan "contains, perhaps, more severe attacks upon hypocrisy than does even Tartuffe. It depicts the hero as a man who, rich, noble, powerful, and bold, respects neither heaven nor earth, and knows no bounds to the gratification of his desires or his passions. He has excellent manners, but abominable principles; he is a whited sepulcher, and abuses the privileges of nobility without acknowledging its obligations or its duties. Moliere sketches no longer the nobleman as ridiculous, but makes him terrible." - Summary by The Translator

Cast list:
Don Juan, son to Don Louis: Kurt
Don Carlos, brother to Donna Elvira: Alan Mapstone
Don Alonzo, brother to Donna Elvira: Adam Bielka
Don Louis, father to Don Juan: Ron Altman
The Statue of The Commander: ToddHW
Guzman, gentleman-usher to Donna Elvira: Larry Wilson
Monsieur Dimanche, a tradesman: Tomas Peter
Sganarelle, servant to Don Juan: Adrian Stephens
La Violette, servant to Don Juan: Availle
Ragotin, servant to Don Juan: Alan Mapstone
Pierrot, a countryman: Tomas Peter
La Ramee, a swashbuckler: ToddHW
A Ghost: Sandra Schmit
Donna Elvira, wife to Don Juan: Matea Bracic
Charlotte, country-woman: Jenn Broda
Mathurine, country-woman: Sonia
A poor man: Jim Locke
Stage Directions: Emmi Kranz
Editing: ToddHW

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