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One-Act Play Collection 014

1 - The Lover by Gregorio Martinez Sierra


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Here, in our 14th collection, are 10 One Act Plays for your enjoyment. They range from the farm to the courtroom to the palace throne room; from the time of suffragettes to the (at the time) far distant future of 1999; and two of them have the word "sweet" in their titles. Short gems to make you laugh, cry, think, or all three. NOTE: Although the plays here were all published before 1923 and hence are in the Public Domain in the U.S., Floyd Dell died in 1969 and that play may not yet be in the Public Domain in some countries. - Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
1. The Lover by Gregorio Martinez Sierra (1881-1947), Translated by John Garrett Underhill (1876-1946). BC/Editor for this play is ToddHW
The Queen: Jenn Broda
The Lover: ToddHW
The Lady in Waiting: Sonia
Stage Directions: Larry Wilson

2. England's Easter by George Logan (1866-1939). BC/Editor for this play is David Purdy
Jesus: Larry Wilson
Martha: Lydia
Mary: Sonia
Britannia: Michele Eaton
Narrator: David Purdy

3. The Bloomer Costume; or The Figure of Fun by Edward Stirling. BC/editor for this play is ktaylor07
Christopher Cockles: Andrew Gaunce
Nobby Nick: Adrian Stephens
Joseph Jumps: Mike Manolakes
Miss Patty Bailey: Devorah Allen
Miss Eliza Todd: Kelly S. Taylor
Stage Directions: David Purdy

4. Short and Sweet by Adolphus Charles Troughton. BC/Editor for this play is Jenn Broda.
Mr. Sweet (of the Stock Exchange- a Friend of Short's): ToddHW
Mr. Short (of the Stock Exchange- a Friend of Sweet's): Mike Manolakes
Stephen (a footman): David Purdy
Mrs. Sweet: Kelly S. Taylor
Mrs. Short: Anamika
Maria (Mrs. Sweet's Maid): Sonia
Stage Directions: Larry Wilson

5. Hester's Mystery by Arthur Wing Pinero. BC/editor for this play is ToddHW.
Mr. Owen Silverdale (of Silverdale's Academy for Young Ladies): TriciaG
John Royle: Tomas Peter
Joel (a farm laborer): Son of the Exiles
Nance Butterworth (a widow): Sonia
Hester (her daughter): E.J. Lavery
Stage directions: Larry Wilson

6. Sweet and Twenty by Floyd Dell (1887-1969). BC for this play is Mike Manolakes
Helen Egerton, the Young Woman: Jenn Broda
George Brooke, the Young Man: Mike Manolakes
The Agent: ToddHW
The Guard: TriciaG
Narrator: Kelly S. Taylor

7. Heirs of Slavery: A Little Drama of Today by Katherine Tillman. BC for this play is Availle
Hero: Tomas Peter
Father Time: Alan Mapstone
History: thestorygirl
Miriam: TriciaG
Gladiator: Andrew Gaunce
Virginia: TJ Burns
Anglo-Saxon Digger: Son of the Exiles
Slave Woman: Availle
Poesy: Kelly S. Taylor
Art: Sonia
Chorus of Singing Girls: Devorah Allen
Narrator: David Purdy

8. In 1999; a problem play of the future by William Churchill De Mille. BC for this play is ambsweet13
Jean (a New York woman): WendyKatzHiller
Rollo (her husband): Tomas Peter
Florence (their friend): TriciaG
Stage Directions: ToddHW

9. Retained for the Defence by John Oxenford. BC/Edited by TriciaG
Mr. Mottley de Windsor: Adrian Stephens
Mr. Whitewash: Cavaet
Mr. Ferguson: Alan Mapstone
Thwaites: Larry Wilson
Pawkins: Algy Pug
Miss Agatha de Windsor: EliseDee
Narrator: David Lawrence

10. Lady Geraldine's Speech by Beatrice Harraden (1864-1936). BC for this play is Devorah Allen
Dr. Alice Romney, A Medical Woman: Devorah Allen
Lady Geraldine Boleyn, Dr. Alice Romney's School Friend: Kelly S. Taylor
Miss Gertrude Silberthwaite, An Eminent Artist: thestorygirl
Miss Nora Baillie, A Professor of Literature: TJ Burns
Miss Hilda Crowninshield, A Famous Pianist: Jenn Broda
Miss Nellie Grant, A Typist and Shorthand Writer: Availle
Jane, A Maid: Scarbo
Narrator: ToddHW

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