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Modern Monologues

1 - Preface


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The monologue is a character study in little; the apotheosis of a chosen individuality. All the little studies in this book have stood the test of trial before varied audiences. - Summary by Marjorie Benton Cooke, Author
Edited by: Eva Davis and linny

Cast (of sketches with more than 2 readers):
Sketch 5 - What the janitor heard
Stage Directions: Eva Davis
Mrs Northrup, Hulda: Linda Olsen Fitak
Mr Reynolds: Nemo
Bobby: Tomas Peter
Sketch 9 - When shades assemble
Stage Directions: Tomas Peter
Lady Macbeth, Portia: Linda Olsen Fitak
Juliet: Leanne Yau
Ophelia: Eva Davis
Sketch 10 - Over the coffee-cups
Stage Directions: Tomas Peter
Mr Meek: Nemo
Mrs Tenbrook: Sonia
Carol Kendal: Eva Davis
Sketch 11 - From long ago to now
Stage Directions: TriciaG
Reginald, Billy Norton: Tomas Peter
Angelina, Joan Dascott: TJ Burns
Sketch 14 - Below stairs
Stage Directions: Eva Davis
Butler: Tomas Peter
Maid: Linda Olsen Fitak
Sketch 18 - At mme Newberry’s
Stage Directions: Tomas Peter
Mrs Payson de Sleyster, Elmira Beechum: Linda Olsen Fitak
Stuttering young woman, Dressy young woman: Emma Charlotte
Pearl the Child Wonder: TJ Burns
Sketch 19 - How it happened
Stage Directions: Tomas Peter
Miss Audrey Gay: Emma Charlotte
Mr John Marvel: Chuck Williamson
Sketch 20 - When morning breaks
Stage Directions, Jimmy: Nemo
Mother: Emma Charlotte
Molly: Eva Davis
Sketch 21 - Who’s afraid?
Stage Directions, Jimmy: Nemo
Mother: Emma Charlotte
Molly: Eva Davis

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