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Written by Gothic writer Matthew Lewis, whose novel The Monk is one of the most enduring Gothic works from the eighteenth century, The Castle Spectre is one of Lewis' earliest forays into drama, and a strong indication of his talents as a controversial and frightening entertainer. Set in medieval Conway, Wales, the play is filled with every delicious Gothic trope imaginable: a menacing castle, a villainous nobleman hiding terrible secrets, a virginal damsel in distress, an heroic lover trying to save her, several comedic supporting characters, and, yes, the presence of a ghost. Popular when it was first staged at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in 1797, The Castle Spectre is an irresistible confection that deftly mixes light farce and romance with dark tragedy, keeping you on the edge of your seat right up to the final epilogue. Summary by Tomas Peter

Cast List:
Osmond: Nemo
Reginald: David Olson
Percy: Tomas Peter
Father Philip: Son of the Exiles
Motley: ToddHW
Kenric: Patrick Saville
Saib: Sandra Schmit
Hassan: KHand
Muley: Kieren Metts
Alaric: RecordingPerson
Allan: Craig Franklin
Edric: Eva Davis
Harold: Tony Addison
Chorus: Alan Mapstone
Angela: Leanne Yau
Alice: Sonia
Evelina: Kalynda
Narrator: Chuck Williamson
Editor: ToddHW

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