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This play was produced in 1698 at Drury Lane Theatre. From the bustle of its plot, the variety of its incidents, and the sustained humour of its dialogue, it met with so favourable a reception that Farquhar henceforth devoted himself to writing for the stage. - Summary by Alex. Charles Ewald

Cast list:
Roebuck, an Irish Gentleman, of a wild roving temper, newly come to London: Algy Pug
Lovewell, his friend, sober and modest, in love with Lucinda: ToddHW
Mockmode, a young Squire, come newly from the University, and setting up for a Beau: Tomas Peter
Lyric, a Poet: Jason in Panama
Pamphlet, a Bookseller: Availle
Rigadoon, a Dancing-Master: Son of the Exiles
Nimblewrist, a Fencing-Master: Kurt
Club, Servant to Mockmode: TriciaG
Brush, Servant to Lovewell: Craig Franklin
Lucinda, a Lady of considerable Fortune: Leanne Yau
Leanthe, Sister to Lovewell, in love with Roebuck, and disguised as Lucinda's Page: Sonia
Trudge, Whore to Roebuck: Linda Olsen Fitak
Widow Bullfinch, Landlady to Mockmode, Lyric, and Trudge: TJ Burns
Pindress, Attendant and Confidante to Lucinda: Jessie Percival
Bailiff 1: Roger Melin
Bailiff 2: Larry Wilson
Cripple: alanmapstone
Porter: Owen Cook
Boy: Larry Wilson
Mask 1: Nemo
Mask 2: Sandra Schmit
Servant: Eva Davis
Stage Directions: Tom Penn
Editor: ToddHW

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