Audiobook: Chartreuse of Parma (The Charterhouse of Parma)

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Chartreuse of Parma (The Charterhouse of Parma)

1 - 00 - Life of Stendhal; Author's Introduction


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This book is more often called The Charterhouse of Parma in English, because "Charterhouse" is the English word for a Carthusian monastery, whereas "Chartreuse" is the French word.

The book tells the life of a Lombard nobleman, born soon after the appearance of Napoleon's army in Italy. He has many adventures in love, war, politics, and the Church. The politics and the Church part of his life result from his doting aunt's becoming the Prime Minister's mistress, and the power behind the throne, in the Duchy of Parma.

The Prime Minister is a wish-fulfillment depiction of the author. Although nobody lives happily ever after, it is a happy book to read, quite unlike "The Red and the Black". Proof-listened by abigayl & Kimberly Krause

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