Audiobook: Highways and Byways in Sussex

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Highways and Byways in Sussex

1 - 01 - Preface; Chapter 1: Midhurst


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A very personal and opinionated wander through the Sussex of around 1900, illustrated with anecdotes, literary and poetic quotations, gravestone epitaphs and a gentle sense of humour. The author colours the countryside with his nostalgia for times past and regret for the encroaching future, his resentment of churches with locked doors, and his love of deer parks, ruined castles and the silent hills.

(I must add my apologies for my attempts at the Sussex dialect in the chapter on that subject.)

[This book is of Reading Grade of 9.55 (i.e. equivalent to 9ยฝ years of U.S. education. Reading Ease score of 63.72 (on a scale from 100 to 0 .. where 65 is easy, 30 a little hard, 0 difficult). These are Flesch-Kincaid readability scores.]

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