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History of Freedom of Thought

1 - Freedom of Thought and the Forces Against It (Introductory)


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The great civil liberties we enjoy today, like Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press, have their foundation in Freedom of Thought. Without being able to freely explore all kinds of matter with an inquisitive mind, whether it be religious, political, societal, scientific, etc., any expression thereof is limited in and of itself.
John Bagnell Bury tells the history of freedom of thought from its roots in Ancient Greece and Rome through the dark and restrictive Middle Ages and its renewed liberation in the Renaissance and the Reformation until the Rationalism of the 17th - 19th centuries.
The focus of this book is on religious freethought, but the ideas and values of freedom of thought can be applied to any subject where rigorous thinking is beneficial. (Summary by Ava)

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