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Reformation Collection Volume 1

1 - The Belgic Confession


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This volume of the Reformation collection begins with a summary of Protestant belief in the form of the Belgic Confession and John Calvin's 'cover letter' to Francis I of France requesting that he read Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion to understand the Protestant doctrine from its source rather than secondhand. 100 aphorisms summarising the contents of the Institutes follow as well as some instructions given by Thomas Cranmer showing the effect of the Reformation for clergy and parishes, as does a short protestation from the reformer William Tyndale expressing the Reformation methodology privileging the Bible as the source of doctrine and practice. It continues with several debates where both sides have been recorded: Cardinal Sadoleto's measured letter to Geneva and Calvin's reply, Pope Paul III's letter to emperor Charles V and Calvin's comments, with outrage expressed on both sides, followed by Thomas Cranmer's writings on the relationship between the Papacy and the state. The leads naturally into some writings from the English Reformation where King Henry VIII required the Pope to be "driven out of England" and William Turner, botanist turned theologian, considered the command incompletely executed. There follow writings on the subject of the sacraments, ceremonies and attire which were a key area of dispute in the Reformation period. Afterwards come several expressions of Reformed piety in the form of prayers and a simple catechism for children. (Summary by InTheDesert)

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