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Hundred Best English Poems

1 - Prefatory Note





This wonderful collection of poems showcases the incredible talent of the some of the greatest poets in the world. These creative masterpieces are truly the best of the best, the crème de la crème, one hundred of the most awe inspiring and magnificent examples of poetic skill - works that will live forever in the annals of great literature.

Embracing the most influential names in poetry we have all come to love, respect and revere, this exceptional compilation has a verse for every occasion, a theme for each day of existence and poetic instances for all of life's varied circumstances.

Whether it's pondering Keats' assertion that "beauty is truth, truth beauty" or sharing Tennyson's anticipation of "crossing the bar", we can all in some way identify with the ideas and thoughts expressed in the works presented here. We can't help but be inspired and also entertained by the words of the superlative writers in this collection as they address the perils and wonders of the human condition.

By enriching the background themes of the life journey in which we find ourselves, these poems form a chorus in the universal music of an existence in which we collectively form the melody.
- Summary by Bruce Kachuk

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