Hörbuch: Big Drum

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Big Drum

1 - Act 1





Another Pinero play. Biting satire this time, ironic comedy - not a farce. The Big Drum, a novel being written by Phil, one of the main characters, is "an attempt to portray the struggle for notoriety—for self-advertisement—we see going on around us to-day." "Oh, I believe any world would content me that's totally different from the world I've lived in so long; any world that isn't flat and stale and stifling; that isn't made up of shams, and petty aims and appetites; any world that—well, such a world as you used to picture, Phil, when you preached your gospel to a selfish, common girl under the chestnuts in the AllĂ©e de Longchamp and the Champs-ElysĂ©es! ... I've been waiting—waiting for you—in my dreams—for ten years! " - Summary by ToddHW
NOTE: There is an Author's Preface. Because it contains spoilers, it has been put at the end of the Act 4 file.

Cast list:
Philip Mackworth: Nemo
Sir Randle Filson, Knight: ToddHW
Bertram Filson (his son): Tomas Peter
Sir Timothy Barradell, Baronett: alanmapstone
Robert Roope: Adrian Stephens
Collingham Green: Larry Wilson
Leonard Westrip (Sir Randle's secretary): Shashank Jakhmola
Alfred Dunning (of Sillitoe and Dunning's Private Detective Agency): Son of the Exiles
Noyes (Mr. Roope's servant): Steven Fellows
Underwood (servant at Sir Randle's): KevinS
John (Mr. Mackworth's servant): Devorah Allen
Ottoline de Chaumié, Comtesse de Chaumié, née Filson: Eva Davis
Lady Filson: Sonia
Honourable Mrs. Godfrey Anslow: Leanne Yau
Mrs. Walter Quebec: TJ Burns
Miss Tracer (Lady Filson's secretary): Availle
Stage Directions: MichaelMaggs
Edited By: ToddHW

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