Hörbuch: Robin Hood

Robin Hood cover

Robin Hood

1 - Act I





One May Day, Robin Hood and his Merry Men sit in Sherwood Forest, waiting for a traveller to share their dinner. Enter a distraught Knight with his fair daughter Marian, who owe money to the Sheriff of Nottingham, and have not the means by which to pay it. Meanwhile the greedy Sheriff is visited by the Baron of the Black Castle, who plots to silence the famous outlaw once and for all! This version of the Robin Hood legend was written, and now recorded, as a play, entertaining for children and adults alike. (Summary by Rachel)

Voice Cast:
Robin Hood: Kristin Gjerløw
Scarlet: Beth Thomas
Little John: Brad Filippone
Much: Esther ben Simonides
Allan-a-Dale: Zames Curran
Friar Tuck: Ted Delorme
King Edward I: Fred Abboud
Queen Eleanor: Adele de Pignerolles
Sir Richard at the Lee: Soumen Barua
Maid Marian, Daughter of Sir Richard at the Lee: Lydia
The Sheriff of Nottingham: Zames Curran
Sheriff's Wife: Newgatenovelist
The Baron of the Black Castle: Todd
Guy: Larry Wilson
Anthony: Rapunzelina
Jock: Elijah Fisher
Joan: Abby
Avisa, Mother of Jock and Joan: Bethany Baldwin
Ladies-in-Waiting: Bria Snow, Availle, and .Vanessa Cooley
Messenger: Ashur Gharavi
Stage Directions: Rachel

Audio edited by Rachel.

Sie hören Robin Hood by Amice MacDonell.
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