Hörbuch: Bacchides: or, The Twin Sisters

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Bacchides: or, The Twin Sisters

1 - Act 1





Twin sisters, separated at birth to different lands. Later, Mnesilochus falls in love with one of them, only to see his friend Pistoclerus apparently with her. Great complications abound. Eventually all is explained and everyone joins together to carouse. (Parts of Act 1 are fragmentary, but it is easy to piece together what we all miss there so we can enjoy the rest.) - Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
Silenus, the Divinity, who speaks the Prologue: ToddHW
Nicobulus, an aged citizen of Athens: Adrian Stephens
Mnesilochus, his son: Greg Giordano
Philoxenus, another aged citizen of Athens: Alan Mapstone
Pistoclerus, his son: Mike Manolakes
Lydus, servant of Philoxenus, and tutor of Pistoclerus: VocalPenguin
Chrysalus, servant of Nicobulus: Jim Locke
Cleomachus, a Captain of Samos: Rob Marland
A Parasite of Cleomachus: ToddHW
Servant of Pistoclerus: Alan Mapstone
First Bacchis, twin-sister, Courtesan: Availle
Second Bacchis, twin sister, Courtesan: Sonia
Stage Directions: Tchaikovsky
Editing: ToddHW

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