Hörbuch: What The Left Hand Was Doing

What The Left Hand Was Doing cover

What The Left Hand Was Doing

1 - Part 1





The Society For Mystical and Metaphysical Research, Inc. ..... It is possible that no more nearly perfect cover, no more misleading front for a secret organization ever existed in the history of man. It possessed two qualities which most other cover-up titles do not have. One, it was so obviously crackpot that no one paid any attention to it except crackpots, and, two, it was perfectly, literally true. The Society is now a part of the government, of course an invisible one, and it can be very useful in solving really perplexing problems. Listen to the story of how it did the impossible here. Just another day at the SMMR. - Summary by the author and phil chenevert

Sie hören What The Left Hand Was Doing by Randall Garrett.
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