Hörbuch: Ukrainians and the European War

Ukrainians and the European War cover

Ukrainians and the European War

1 - Anonymous - The Forgotten Nation of the Eastern Europe (the Ruthenian Question)





The WWI (European war) for Ukrainians was the hope of its nation unity and freedom from Austria-Hungary but mostly from Russian Empire. Galicia was the bone in the throat for Russian government because Austria-Hungary provided Ukrainians with permission for their national development on its territory. Thanks to this Ukrainian patriotic literature spread all over the Ukrainian territories. Ukrainians who were trapped under Russian regime were inspired by the thought of their independence. Russia, fearing of riots and protests, pushed their propaganda about oppression of the Russians by Austria-Hungary in Galicia to annex it. This was the threshold of the European war.

Meanwhile, realizing the inevitability of the war between Russian Empire and Austria-Hungary, Ukrainian people all as one started to prepare for the struggle for their freedom. (Summary by Anastasiia Solokha)

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