Hörbuch: Provoked Wife: A Comedy

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Provoked Wife: A Comedy

1 - Prologue and Act I





This Restoration Comedy follows Lady Brute as she decides whether or not to cuckold her coarse and unloving husband. Not as brash and farcical as Vanbrugh's earlier play "The Relapse," "The Provoked Wife" comments on society and matrimony in a surprisingly modern way.
- Summary by WendyKatzHiller

Cast of Characters:

Constant: Adrian Stephens
Heartfree: Gred Giordano
Sir John Brute: Alan Mapstone
Treble, a Singing-Master : ToddHW
Rasor, Valet de Chambre to Sir John Brute: Larry Wilson
Justice of the Peace: Wayne Cooke
Lord Rake, Companion to Sir John: Algy Pug
Col. Bully, Companion to Sir John Brute: ToddHW
Constable: Leon Cole
Watchman: James R. Hedrick
Lady Brute: WendyKatzHiller
Belinda, her Niece: Jenn Broda
Lady Fancyfull: Kelly Taylor
Mademoiselle: Sonia
Cornet, Servant to Lady Fancyfull: Yuqing
Pipe, Servant to Lady Fancyfull: CCatharina
Lovewell: stepheather
Servant: miaroy
Footman: redrun
Porter: Alan Mapstone
Taylor: stepheather
Page: Rapunzelina
Stage Directions: TR Love

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