Hörbuch: Charwoman's Shadow

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Charwoman's Shadow

1 - I. The Lord of the Tower Finds A Career For His Son





Delightfully imaginative, somewhat similar to Dunsany's blockbuster fantasy novel, [The King Of Elfland's Daughter](https://librivox.org/the-king-of-elflands-daughter-by-lord-dunsany/) (and published just two years after it), this equally entertaining, verbally voluptuous tale brings us in touch with the heraldry, artistry, and superstitions of the bygone Golden Age of Spain; with the magical arts of ancient times-- alchemy, wizardry, potions, forest creatures that go bump in the night, quests for esoteric knowledge, use of the Philosopher's Stone, and the Catholic church's war against the 'Black Art". Above all, Dunsany explores the many mysterious properties of shadows, and warns what havoc might befall you if you lose yours. Published in 1926. (Summary by Michele Fry)
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