Hörbuch: העיוורת (The Blind)

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העיוורת (The Blind)

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"The Blind" (Hebrew: העיוורת ; Yiddish: די בלינדע ) is a short story by Jacob Steinberg, a Jewish writer, poet, and playwright. The story was first published in Yiddish in early April 1912 in the newspaper _Der Fraynd_ (Yiddish: דער פֿרײַנד , lit. _The Friend_), which appeared in Warsaw, Russian Poland. The story was later translated by Steinberg himself into Hebrew and was first published in the 1923 edition of his writings. The plot is described from the point of view of Hannah, the blind, who marries Israel by arrangement. At the end, the truth about her husband and the protagonist's condition is revealed and changes the main hypothesis about the meaning of the whole story. (Translated from Hebrew Wikipedia by Guy Lederfein)
Sie hören העיוורת (The Blind) by יעקב שטיינברג Jacob Steinberg.
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