Hörbuch: Adventures of Paddy the Beaver (Version 2)

Adventures of Paddy the Beaver (Version 2) cover

Adventures of Paddy the Beaver (Version 2)

1 - Paddy the Beaver Begins Work





When Paddy the Beaver moves into the Green Forest and wants to build his home, he never quite expected it would cause so much commotion! Being a focal point of attention, the forest animals watch him carefully and scrutinized his work, make fun of and question his building project, someone screams at him saying unkind things, and one forest animal sets his sights on hunting him to have him for lunch! That's an awful lot for a little beaver to overcome - do you think he can do it? (Summary by Laurie Banza)
Sie hören Adventures of Paddy the Beaver (Version 2) by Thornton W. Burgess.
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