Hörbuch: Prince Zaleski

Prince Zaleski cover

Prince Zaleski

1 - The Race of Orven Part 1





Weird fiction author M. P. Shiel brings us a most unusual detective in Prince Zaleski in his first published book. Ensconced within his ornate and decadent dwelling, surrounded by all manner of antiquities of old including sepulchral monuments, bygone tomes of arcana and even an ancient mummy which has a place by his side, Zaleski uses a combination of truly amazing powers of logical deduction and extensive knowledge of history and lore to solve the most trying of cases that have baffled all others. Included in this collection are the first three tales of Prince Zaleski's languid, drug-fueled mannerisms and uncanny rationalizations. - Summary by Ben Tucker
Sie hören Prince Zaleski by Matthew Phipps Shiel.
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