Hörbuch: One-Act Play Collection 013

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One-Act Play Collection 013

1 - Love Magic by Gregorio Martinez Sierra, Translated by John Garrett Underhill





Here, in our 13th collection, are 10 One Act Plays for your enjoyment. They range from tales of ancient Greek sailors to a story about early 1900 moonshiners; many short gems to make you laugh, cry, think, or all three. NOTE: Although the plays here were all published before 1923 and hence are in the Public Domain in the U.S., Alice Gerstenberg, Elizabeth Lay and Hugh Heffner died in 1972, 1989, and 1985 respectively and their plays may not yet be in the Public Domain in some countries. - Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
1. Love Magic by Gregorio Martinez Sierra, Translated by John Garrett Underhill. Run by: ToddHW
The Prologue: ToddHW
Pierrot: Tomas Peter
Columbine: Sonia
Pierrette: TJ Burns
Polichinelle: Adrian Stephens
Harlequin: Alan Mapstone
A Little Girl: Jasmin Salma
Stage Directions: Larry Wilson
2. He Said and She Said: A One-Act Play by Alice Gerstenberg (1885-1972). Run by: TJ Burns
Diana Chesbrough, a society girl: JennPratt
Enid Haldeman, her friend: thestorygirl
Felix Haldeman, her husband: ToddHW
Mrs. Cyrus Packard, their friend: TJ Burns
Stage Directions: Kelly S. Taylor
3. The Hartleys, a Play in One Act by Arthur Eckersley. Run by: Campbell Schelp
Rupert Hartley: Son of the Exiles
Mrs. Hartley: Kelly S. Taylor
Hester: thestorygirl
George Perrin: ToddHW
Maid: Availle
Stage Directions: Jenn Broda
4. The Sicilian, or Love Makes the Painter, by Moliere, translated by Henri Van Laun. Run by: ToddHW
Don Pedro, a Sicilian gentleman: Tomas Peter
Adraste, a French gentleman, in love with Isidore: Adrian Stephens
Isidore, a Greek girl, Don Pedro's slave: Sonia
A Senator: ToddHW
Hali, a Turk, Adraste's slave: Alan Mapstone
Zaide, a young slave girl: Jenn Broda
First Musician/Philene: Availle
Second Musician/Tircis: ToddHW
Third Musician/Sheppard: Jim Locke
A Slave, singing: Kelly S. Taylor
Stage Directions: Rob Marland
5. When Witches Ride - A Play of Folk-Superstition, by Elizabeth Lay (1897-1989). Run by: ToddHW
Uncle Ben, owner of the crossroads store: ToddHW
Ed, his son: Larry Wilson
Jake, formerly a railroad engineer: Jim Gallagher
Phoebe Ward, witch: JennPratt
Stage Directions: Kelly S. Taylor
6. The Woman Tamer, by Louis Esson. Run by: ToddHW
"Chopsey" Ryan (thief and busker): Son of the Exiles
Smithy the Liar (his cobber): Tomas Peter
Katie: Sonia
Constable Jones: Algy Pug
Stage Directions: Kelly S. Taylor
7. The Cyclops, by Euripides. Run by: ToddHW
Silenus: Jim Locke
Odysseus: Adrian Stephens
The Cyclops: Alan Mapstone
First Half Chorus of Satyrs: ToddHW
Second Half Chorus of Satyrs: Jenn Broda
Stage Directions: Availle
8. "Dod Gast Ye Both!", by Hubert Heffner (1901-1985). Run by: ToddHW
Noah Setzer, a mountain moonshiner: EJWiley
Walt, his son, an ex-member of the AEF: ambsweet13
Mary, his daughter: Kelly S. Taylor
Mose, frequenter of the still and bootlegger for Noah: Wayne Cooke
Sank, frequenter of the still and bootlegger for Noah: Jim Locke
Bill Spivins, a rough mountaineer: EJWiley
Laurence Abner, a "revenoor": ToddHW
Stage Directions: Devorah Allen
9. An Irish Engagement, by Walter Watts. Run by: Kelly S. Taylor
Mr. Bullfinch: Algy Pug
Mr. McCarthy: Alan Mapstone
Captain Foxlove: ToddHW
Tim Rafferty: Andrew James
Julia Bullfinch: JennPratt
Norah: Nettle
Stage Direction: Jenn Broda
10. Damon, or True Friendship by G E Lessing. Run by: Adrian Stephens
The Widow: JennPratt
Leander, a Suitor: Adrian Stephens
Damon, a Suitor: Jim Locke
Oronte, cousin to Damon: Alan Mapstone
Lisette, maid to the Widow: Michele Eaton
Narrator: Kelly S. Taylor

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