H├Ârbuch: Miscellanea Curiosa, Vol 1

Miscellanea Curiosa, Vol 1 cover

Miscellanea Curiosa, Vol 1

1 - Introduction





"The Royal Society is a Fellowship of many of the world's most eminent scientists and is the oldest scientific academy in continuous existence." (from its Mission Statement). As scientists have explored the world around them, observed and tried to explain natural phenomena, they have been invited to present papers to the Royal Society. Edmond Halley (of Halley's Comet fame) was an eminent member of the society and gathered together some of the most interesting papers of his day. Today, we may see errors in the logic or calculations, based on current knowledge, but these papers are unedited and as presented at the time and show how scientific knowledge was expanding in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. Summary by Lynne Thompson
Sie h├Âren Miscellanea Curiosa, Vol 1 by Edmond Halley.
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